Short Qs

Hi! We are glad you found your way here. Welcome to StoryQs' Short Game

This game is designed to played with people you care about. Every question is an opportunity to know each other and ourselves a little bit better. 

The idea is to quickly answer the question being posed, then discuss it within the group. You can always return to the same question multiple times.

We hope that you step away from this game having a lot of fun and growing closer to each other :)

  1. Gather a group of friends, family or colleagues.

  2. Host a call (use any service like Zoom, Teams, Hangouts where you can share your screen).

  3. Pose one question to the group at a time - have each person answer, via chat or just in conversation. As the Host, jot down responses and enter on the screen.

  4. Spur conversation and deeper connection among your group - use the 'Host Notes' if it helps!

  5. Play as many questions as the group wants to and submit.

  6. Share a copy of the responses you receive via email with the group.

  7. Set up another StoryQs play-date!

  8. Make it your own - find creative ways to reward the best answers - use emojis, reactions or just draw heart cards and hold them up on the screen!