Long Qs

Hi! We are glad you found your way here. Welcome to StoryQs' Long Game

This game is designed to played with people you care about. Every question is an opportunity to know each other and ourselves a little bit better. 

We hope that you step away from this game having a lot of fun and growing closer to each other :)

  1. Find a group of people you'd like to play the game with. 4-8 people is ideal.

  2. Get on a call with them over Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or your favorite video conferencing app. 

  3. Elect one host/moderator who will share their screen, take the group's inputs and fill the answers on the screen. 

  4. The host/moderator opens the game on their screen, shares the screen on the conference app and leads the questions and conversation. 

  5. The group can decide which of the prompts in the Long Game they want to play with.

  6. Each player pastes their answers in the chat box. The host then copies these responses and enters them for each question.

  7. Each question is designed to serve as a  conversation starter to share moments lived together, so you can bring more love, fun, excitement and a lot more emotions to connect with each other through stories. 

  8. Once the game is complete (the group has answered as many questions as you'd like), the host can submit the answers. We will send the host a copy of the answers and they can pass them along to all the other players so they are still with you as a shared memory.

  9. Your group can chose your own ways of rewarding the best answers. Maybe draw hearts on a piece of paper and show each other when you love their answers. Or use emojis or 'reactions' on the conference app or simply, use your words! 

  10. The questions in the Long Game are  designed to create space for a little self-reflection by each participant and then come together. So take the time you need! We're sure the accompanying conversations and stories will create some fun memories.

  11. Don't forget to have enjoy yourself and pass the game along to other friends and family!